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Maya - avatar Maya

highly recommend!
the suction is very strong, you won't need to worry the little one to throw it any more!
also very easy to clean up.
Jasslyn - avatar Jasslyn

I like this kind of bottle brush. Easily to clean up the milk bottle. Thanks seller.

Moana - avatar Moana

Perfect fit, material is soft and safe for my toddler. He is protected well from the rain and comfortable inside it.

Desi S. - avatar Desi S.

Every travelling mum should purchase this. Easy, compact and I can actually find it in my bag! It is so simple to refill and when my baby decides to spend the afternoon pulling all the roll out! Great value for money. I would definitely recommend.
Hilary - avatar Hilary
Pull & Go Car
Pull & Go Car May 17, 2021

Really lovely set of cars, my daughter loves them! Different to other plastic cars, really cute design. We pull them back let them go off the the end of a ramp, hours of fun!
Han - avatar Han
Face Cloth (5 Pieces)
Face Cloth (5 Pieces) May 17, 2021

I got these for weaning to wipe baby's face and hands. They are perfect and he doesn't seem to mind (usually hates having his face cleaned). They're so soft still after a few washes. Just like very absorbent, soft flannels.
	Laura - avatar Laura

Good quality. My baby starts eating alone and this dish is perfect so that it does not move from place, the silicon that sticks to the table can be removed and look like a normal dish and the size is tailored to the kids!
	Nina - avatar Nina

It's lovely. Second time I bought this brand's spoon. My baby love it.

Eunice Yap - avatar Eunice Yap

Highly recommended product and official seller for Imani ! Genuine product . Customer service very knowledgeable with breast pump and willing to share info & experience.

Nadia - avatar Nadia

We use these for our baby’s homemade food, but also for other things. They work great! Lid snaps on and seals shut. Even liquid won’t leak out
Trisha - avatar Trisha

Nice bottle with handle and straw received in good condition. Good product quality with very nice color and pattern. Cheaper price compared to outside baby shop. Most importantly fast delivery! Thank you seller!

Ein Sia - avatar Ein Sia