MumChecked Reward Program FAQs

How do I earn points?

You may obtain points by shopping at MumChecked and leaving a product review. Tips: To get more points, leave a detailed review along with some pictures and video!

Do you have any ongoing promotions?

We will update you from time to time if there are any promotional offers or promotional products, and we promise you won’t miss them! That said, we have various items that are discounted as our rewards for your genuine reviews!

Can I create multiple accounts?

We strongly advise you to only keep one account per person. The reward points you collect with one account is also not transferable to another account. Of course, you are more than welcome to invite your family members and friends to join the fun at MumChecked as well! In fact, we have the Refer a Friend program that will help you gain more points!

How does your Refer a Friend’ program work?

You can refer a friend to MumChecked and gain points by doing so! All MumChecked members will be given a link that you can share to others you wish to invite to MumChecked. Once the link is used by that person, you will automatically receive points!

What can I do with the points?

Once you have collected enough points, you can use them to redeem rewards like more discounts and gift cards! The rewards redemption is much easier to achieve if you are on a higher level as you can earn more points than others on a lower level.

How does the Rewards Program work?

Everyone will start at the same level and you will all have the same opportunity to step up to the next levels. Once you are at a higher level, you will obtain more points than others who are on a lower level when you do the same thing, such as leaving only a written review. The easiest way to climb up to the higher level is to ensure that your reviews are as detailed as possible and have some media (images or video) attached to them.


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