You might have heard of the topic of sleep training for babies as getting your baby to fall asleep in the bedtime might not be easy. Babies are different and there is no hard and fast rule to get them on the proper sleep routine. Various possible reasons make your baby keep waking at night and this takes time to examine and to get them to sleep. 


Your baby is overstimulated

Overstimulation occurs when a baby becomes alert and unable to calm down easily. This can happen when their full-day is full of noise and activities or when people talking in their faces. Hence, you need to pay attention and keep a good routine for your baby. If the baby has too much playtime or interaction before sleep, they can’t easily fall asleep. Thus, establish a proper wind-down time before sleep is important for the baby. 


Your baby is hungry

Hunger or thirst is one of the reasons why your baby wakes up in bedtime. Not only apply to baby, but our brain will also recognize hunger and will keep us alert until our need is met. Baby can’t express their hunger and they won’t go back to sleep easily if they are really hungry. 

This can happen if your baby is breastfed since breastmilk digest quickly. You can try to feed the baby with formula or breastmilk again if you last feed her is a couple of hours ago. Aside from that, provide them with food if they start to eat solid and see if there is any improvement in sleep. 


Your baby has a reversal schedule

Baby does not know if it is daytime or nighttime. Your baby might sleep so well throughout the day and still want to play during nighttime. In the day, you don’t need to fight the sleep time for your baby and their awake time will help on the nighttime sleeping. 

Also, you need to establish an environment that can differentiate between day and night. To do so, you can keep the nighttime quiet while not worrying so much about the sound during a daytime nap. Also, use the soft voice to tell your baby that it is a good time to sleep – in a dark room. 


Your baby is uncomfortable

Your baby might have physical or medial discomfort and there are always things that happen that let the baby feel uncomfortable. If your baby is in the teething stage, this can disrupt their sleeping. Other possible discomforts include gas, constipation or having a cold. Bring your baby for a medical checkup or seek advice from your paediatrician. 


Your baby has a sleep prop

A sleep prop is anything that your baby depends on to fall asleep, which also known as the sleep association. It is not necessarily a bad thing. Some sleep prop causes frequent nighttime waking or difficult time to fall asleep but some are not.

Some sleep prop that baby can’t sleep without it includes laying on you, rocking to sleep, bottle feeding or nursing to sleep. If these are your baby sleep association, try on other sleep props that can reduce unnecessary wakings. For example,  you can create a dark sleeping environment with white noise, or let them sleep in the sleep sack. If you need any baby products buy online can be a good choice as you can see details description and the reviews. 

Getting baby sleep on a proper routine might take time but don’t be discouraged. You can always ask for advice from other mom to see if you need to adjust the baby’s routine or habits. It’s a learning path as you grow together with your baby!

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