Baby-led weaning trend has become more and more popular among moms. It has gained popularity, but of course, parents have divided opinions on it. More parents nowadays are choosing baby-led weaning over the traditional, spoon-fed weaning.

One thing you must remember on your parenthood journey is that there is no such thing as the right way — only what is comfortable for you and your baby. We believe most parents are ready to try anything that can make their baby a better and less fussy eater, so do make your pick based on your own experience at home!

Spoon-Fed Weaning

This is the traditional and common way whereby the baby is offered puree using a spoon and then it gradually progresses to mashed foods so that your baby gets used to the texture. After that, you can slowly introduce finger foods to your baby.

You can make up lots of meals ahead and freeze them until needed as it can be quite time-consuming to prepare a lot of different purees. Just get one baby food cooker on baby shop online in Singapore to hasten the process in preparing the puree. Plus, puree is convenient to work with when you need to go out. All you need to do is grab the jar or container filled with puree and you are ready!

One of the most important things that parents are concerned about is the baby’s development. With spoon-fed weaning, you know how much your baby has eaten and you will be able to make sure that your baby is getting a varied diet and receiving enough nutrients.

Spoon-fed weaning is considered less messy but it also means that you might not really be able to eat together with your baby. Do consider that when your baby gets used to puree’s smooth texture, it might be difficult to get them to accept other textures.

Baby-Led Weaning

Instead of feeding the baby with a spoon, some parents let their babies feed themselves. You can offer your baby graspable, soft finger foods such as carrot sticks, broccoli trees, or other baby-fist sized foods.

Since your baby feeds themselves, that means you can eat together during meal times. It encourages shared and social eating for your baby. However, baby-led weaning can be time-consuming because you will not know when will they finish their food. At the same time, there may be a bigger mess which you will need to clean up afterward.

One of the good things about baby-led weaning is that you can avoid the difficult period of transitioning from puree to lumps. Your baby will also get to explore more flavors and textures starting from the beginning, on their own.

Mix Method

Understandably, sometimes it can be difficult to find only one thing that is suitable when considering weaning for your little one. In that case, we would suggest incorporating a mixed method of spoon-fed and baby-led weaning. You do not need to be a strict follower of certain methods. Just choose something that is more appropriate and comfortable for you and your baby.

While you are spoon-feeding, your baby can still discover new tastes and textures. Other than that, it encourages your baby to use a spoon to self-feed which helps in developing cutlery use.

Remember, try not to stress about mealtimes as it may cause a bad experience for your baby. Before your baby turns one, food is just for fun. It is a learning and experimenting process for both you and your baby. So, try to embrace the mess and remain flexible when it comes to it. All the best, mummies and daddies!

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