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For every new parent, becoming a parent is a significant milestone. Gone are the jovial, care-free days of leisure travels and irregular snacking. The presence of your newborn would turn your life 180 degrees. Now that your newborn is here, you would realize that there is a new set of responsibilities that awaits you. This is a long term commitment that you need to dedicate yourself to. Flashbacks of your childhood may come across your mind. You knew that you were quite a challenge for your parents when they raised you so it is not going to be easy. However, one of the blessings of being in a marriage means that you are not going through this alone. Hence, this article recommends ways to divide parenting roles with your spouse!


Have a To-Do List

One of the best ways to keep things organized or properly planned is to have a to-do list! This is important because life as a parent would demand your 150% commitment (if not 200%). Therefore, it is very easy to lose sight or focus on what you were doing in change for consoling your newborn or helping out your partner. Keeping a to-do list would help you focus and prioritise things better. Moreover, a to-do list is good for you and your partner as it avoids overlapping or redundancy in getting things done.  After all, there is no greater pleasure than to cross out everything on your list at the end of the day.

Now that you have established a to-do list, what’s next?


Delegate Responsibilities, Not Tasks

With a to-do list in hand, you can now delegate responsibilities for you and your partner to take care of! Wait, why responsibilities and not tasks? Think about it this way, tasks are simply the smaller components that make up the bigger picture (responsibilities). Plus, listing out tasks one after another is quite an iffy issue. Surely we need to iron this out, don’t we? For example, if you are entrusted to take care of your child for the week, that is your responsibility. Smaller things that surround it such as feeding, bathing and playing with the child are considered as tasks. 

By delegating responsibilities in this manner, both you and your spouse will be able to attend to your childcare responsibilities more efficiently. For a more convenient day to day routine, MumChecked offers you a lot of mother and baby care products that would ease your daily routine and chores. For example, weaning bottles, toothbrushes, baby stroller, baby carriage, baby swaddles, mittens and more!

Have a to-do list? Done. Delegate responsibilities? Done. Okay, so what’s next?


Communicate with Your Partner

Sometimes, miscommunication might happen when you are delegating responsibilities or while both of you are taking care of other errands. This is normal and it happens in every household. From your newborn’s diaper to your personal time with your partner, everything should be discussed and expressed. If you have a certain dissatisfaction about some things, talk to your partner about it. Stressed at work? Tell them how you feel. Feeling fatigued? Let them know. In return, don’t forget to listen to your partner’s concern and see what you can do to ease their concern too. Communication is the key to a blissful marriage. 


Swaps Roles Once in a While

After some time, your responsibilities would turn into a routine. While routines are great as it keeps you grounded and focused, it does get a little bit stale when you have been doing the same thing for about five years or so. Why don’t both of you try swapping roles once in a while? Not only would you be able to learn new things about your child, but you would also be able to appreciate your partner’s effort in carrying out their delegated responsibilities too. It might be difficult to adjust at first, but it would certainly bring benefit to your family relationship! Not to mention this also gives both of you more freedom as it helps your child to be not overly dependent on either one of you.


Learn to Trust Your Partner

Some of you might find it difficult to entrust some responsibilities to your partner fully. While you might feel checking on your partner’s progress is a great way to manage all your parenting tasks, it would inevitably drain you in the long run. Learn to trust your partner in carrying their responsibilities. By doing so, you will be able to put your mind at ease as your partner learns to do things better through repetition and experience. Besides, if you keep on doing all the baby care tasks on your own, when would your partner learn? What would your partner do if you are not here? It’s time to take your foot off the pedal and take a break, mommies.


In a nutshell, dividing parenting roles with your spouse is essential in fostering a healthy bond with each other. A healthy family relationship is not exclusive to only having a positive intimate relationship with your child, but it also includes a healthy trust embedded within husband and wife.

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