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Some mommies might be unfamiliar with this term, what exactly is meant by “tummy time’? To put it simply, tummy time is a developmental milestone where your baby spends their time being awake and on their tummy. Hence, tummy time! This is a stage that should be encouraged in your baby as it helps in developing their core strength, motor skills, visual and sensory development too. Now that you are informed of its importance, how would you be able to help your little bundle of joy make the most out of their tummy time?


Steps To Promote Tummy Time

There are a few tummy time basic exercises you can try to help your baby grow healthier! Some of these exercises include tummy-to-tummy or tummy-to-chest, football hold, eye-level smile, lap soothe and tummy minute! Each one of these exercises helps in strengthening various parts of your baby’s muscles and hone their hand-eye coordination as well. Now let’s look at some of the most common and easiest tummy time exercises to do.

The tummy-to-tummy or tummy-to chest is beneficial for helping your baby grow accustomed to tummy time. Simply place your baby on the floor or the bed. For a safer tummy time, you can also opt to hold your baby firmly on your chest or your tummy too. Do note that your baby’s head should be in direct contact with your sight, face-to-face.

Another form of tummy time exercise you can let your baby practice is the football hold. To do this, you will need to position one of your hands under the tummy and use your other hand to keep your baby’s head and neck supported. Hold your baby closer to your body so that your little darling can get accustomed to the position.


Developmental Stages and Milestones

There are a few things and cues you will need to watch out for as you are helping them with tummy time. At two weeks old, your baby should be able to do tummy-to-tummy exercise and football hold positions with your support and supervision. You can also start placing your baby on the floor for a short moment to help them strengthen their neck and back muscles.

As your child reaches one month, your baby should be able to turn their head during tummy time or even earlier than that. At two months old, your baby would be familiar to accustomed and they are no longer upset with it. In fact, you can start getting your baby to do tummy time on the floor more frequently!

When your little darling has reached three months old, your baby might begin to put their weight on their arms with elbows behind their shoulders at 45 degrees angle. They will also be able to turn their head around 45 to 90 degree around this point too! At four months old, your baby will be able to keep their head lifted and centered. In the fifth month, they will be able to push up on their hands with straight elbows and start to move their hands forward to reach things near them. As your child reaches six months old and older, they will be able to do tummy time on their own and pivot in a circle while on their stomach!


Benefits of Tummy Time

baby care SingaporeThere are various benefits to getting your baby accustomed to tummy time and trust us, the effort is worth it. Tummy time is important for the development of your child’s motor, visual and sensory system. By spending enough hours on their tummy and chest, your child will be able to improve your baby’s back, neck, core and shoulder muscles. This will be instrumental to help your child establish a foundation for them to reach their motor milestones! Some of the examples of the motor milestones you should note include sitting, rolling and crawling.

Sensory wise, tummy time helps in honing your little darling’s touch (tactile) sense. This will help your baby differentiate between different textures with their hands, arms, feet and cheeks. Through this exercise, your baby will also be able to improve their sense of body awareness as they move and shift their weight. Moreover, your baby will be able to improve on their balancing and balance when you place them in different positions.

On top of that, tummy time is important for helping your child enhance their vision. By setting their sights on their hands, your baby will be able to see their own movements and what they are doing. Hence, tummy time is beneficial for your child’s hand-eye coordination.


In conclusion, these are the basics of tummy time you should know to help your child grow stronger and healthier. After all, who else is better equipped to help your child grow stronger? That’s right, you are!If you are interested in more maternity products or baby products Singapore mommies would recommend, do head over to our website. You might find great original baby gifts and daily essentials for your little darling!

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