Tips to Help Baby Latch on Easily

baby care

baby care

Breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your child. It provides intimacy, comfort and security to your baby and this will help your little bundle of joy establish trust in you too! However, your child can be a little hard to predict when it comes to breastfeeding. They may either go on a breastmilk strike or refuse to latch properly on your breasts. Incorrect latching would not only cause spillage or improper feeding but it would also hurt your nipples as well. So how do you breastfeed properly then? Worry no more, because we have brought you these simple tips to help your baby latch on easily. 



First and foremost, try to stimulate your baby lips with your nipple by rubbing them in between your baby’s mouth and nose. This will signal your baby to open their mouth wide enough to start latching.

Secondly, get your nipple to the top lip of your baby. This is important so that your baby will be properly positioned to breastfeed. Keep an eye out for their chin, make sure that it is not tucked closely to their chest as this will hurt your nipples while breastfeeding when the child’s head pulls your nipple down.

Last but not least, try to get your baby’s lower lips away from the base of your nipples. Keep in mind that a proper latching routine would turn your baby’s lips outwards like a fish. Your baby’s chin should touch the base of your breast before latching onto your nipple. In this position, make sure that your breast fills your baby’s mouth and their tongue should be extended.


Signs of a Proper Latch

Now that we have addressed the steps for a proper latch. How would you know if you are doing it correctly? If you are experiencing some if not all of these, then you are improving and doing it right!

The first sign of knowing that you are helping your baby latch on properly is when the latch feels easy on your skin, comfortable and pain-free as well. Another tell-tale sign that shows a good latch is the position of your baby during latching. Keep in mind that your child’s chest and stomach should rest against your body. This is to ensure that your baby’s head is straight and not turned to the side.

Moreover, your little bundle of joy’s chin should be in contact with your breast, with the mouth opened wide around your breast and not the nipple only. The tongue should cup under your breast and you should be able to see them swallowing as well as their ears twitching slightly.


Having Problems with Getting a Good Latch?

baby careIf you are still having issues with breastfeeding even after all of these steps are done, the chances are your baby is in stress or distracted. Try to breastfeed in a secluded or quiet room, dim the lights or switch them off altogether if the situation calls for it. Your baby would be able to latch and breastfeed better without these distractions.

A good amount of skin-to-skin contact would be beneficial in helping your baby latch better as your baby will get more familiar and accustomed to your presence and scent. When cradling your baby at night, try to hold them closer to your chest. This will encourage them to be more welcoming and more comfortable with you. It is also encouraged for you to let the baby find their own way to your nipple to feed. Remember to keep their necks, back, shoulder and hips supported.

However, your baby might refuse to breastfeed on purpose. This might sound odd or funny but your breast-milk odour might discourage your baby from latching onto your nipple. A simple fix for this issue lies in consuming or having more meals that are packed with lactogenic ingredients, especially garlic.

Garlic helps with improving the odour of your breastmilk and amniotic fluid as well. This will encourage your baby to stay latched on longer on your breasts and feed more. This is due to the pleasant taste of your breast milk which is a big help in introducing breast milk to your little bundle of joy!


Breastfeeding Tools for Your Convenience

Apart from breastfeeding in the right positions, do you know that there are breastfeeding tools that help to ease your breastfeeding? Thanks to the advancements of technology and convenience of online shopping, you are now blessed with a plethora of choices when it comes to breastfeeding tools, baby care products and baby items. The fact that they are easily available and widely accessible through the internet has never made breastfeeding so much easier! 


For your convenience, here’s a list of popular breastfeeding essentials that nursing moms highly recommend:

  • LaVie Warming Massage Pads: The LaVie Warming Massage Pads helps with clearing clogged ducts and empties your breast better. 
  • Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter: Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter is a great tool to help your baby latch on easily as it helps in moisturizing skin and promotes your nipple to revert back to its original state. It contains no additional additives and is made by all-natural ingredients.
  • Autumnz Lacy Deluxe Disposable Breast Pads: Autumnz Lacy Deluxe Disposable Breast Pads are great for keeping your clothes stain-free after every breastfeeding session! 
  • Haakaa Silicone Breast Pump: The Haakaa pump Singapore mums recommend is great for portable and cordless pumping!


In a nutshell, these are the tips, signs and the tools you can utilise to help your baby latch on easily. It is important to have your baby properly nourished, but it is equally important to do it in comfort too!

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