Getting a new product for your baby and walking through the baby clothes aisles can be especially sweet and heartwarming. You’d get to go through the bunch of cute clothes and tiny mittens and booties made for your little one’s tiny hands and feet! The experience of shopping online may not be similar to the kind of joy you’d get from owning things immediately after paying them but think about it. Wouldn’t it be like you have sent a gift to the future you? So, guess who will be pleasantly surprised with the gift in the future? Yes, you!

Shopping baby items online can be trickier than how it would usually go for yourself. In getting the items for your little bundle of joy, it’s important to get the right items from the get-go, simply because if you end up with wrong products, your baby won’t be able to ‘let you know’ about it easily. Here are some tips that will help with your online shopping for baby items!

Look at Suitability

We get impulsive purchases, we really do. However, many parents tend to overlook this factor simply because they are giving in to their impulsiveness. Those sandals that can fit your baby’s tiny feet today might not fit them anymore in the next few weeks. Within that period, how many times exactly would you use it – especially if your baby also has other pairs of footwear? See, all of these need to be taken into account.

Kids will undergo many stages in their early ages, especially during developmental stages. You have to find clothes that can fit both their ages as well as the kinds of activities they will do during this time. More often than not, keeping their wardrobe updated simply means keeping it as simple as possible, which brings us to the next point:

Consider Long-Term Use & Practicality

This goes without saying, but babies grow fast. Once born, they would normally be two times their weight and size in just 4 months. So, keep your newborn’s wardrobe as small and as minimal as possible. Trust me, if you keep getting new clothes for your baby, you are most likely not going to end up using all of them, especially ones that are overly-decorated.

Remember, it’s better for your kid to have more too-big clothes that they’ll fit in someday, than too many of the too-tight (or even perfectly-fitted) ones that they will come to outgrow soon! In terms of practicality, those mini Converse with super tiny laces look extremely adorable and beyond resistible, but have you thought about how much work goes behind putting it on and taking it off? Just keep it simple and more importantly, easy to put on, easy to take off!

Check Your Priorities

Creating a shopping list for your little one can be daunting, what not with the hundreds of essentials suggested by other moms and websites. However, it all goes back to you and your baby’s needs. Take note of the items that should be at the top of your list as well as the ones that are more ‘optional’. Plus, let’s not get started on the hundreds of new inventions that an infant supposedly needs.

Some of these optional items are really helpful for many moms, but you may not necessarily need it. Likewise, some that you DO need, others might not deem it to be that important. So, set your priorities straight based on how you and your baby are doing, and not others.

Hear what others say

Saving the best tip for the last, this is simply the best perk of shopping online – getting real reviews from people who have actually used the item you have your eyes on. There are review-based platforms, forums, and even chat groups that you can count on.

When you are in physical stores, there are very few sources you can rely on, and even fewer are reliable. No matter what you’re getting – a stroller, a cot, a carrier, etc. – all you’d see are guarantees from the brands themselves, claiming they are the best. At the same time, the staff working at the store would also encourage you to get that item, listing its benefits from A to Z. Both, of course, are trying to get you to buy that item.

It would take too much time to whip out your phone and do full-on research on the items in the store one by one. On the other hand, shopping in the comfort of your home lets you do that research as long as you want – you can even take several breaks in between!

The best consultant you could ever get help and advice from is someone who has previously been in your position. If you are a mom currently looking for the best diapers that suit your baby’s sensitive skin, guess what? Someone else had been in your shoes and was looking for the exact same thing as you are! The best part is, they DID find the answer. This means that you don’t have to keep trying new brands of diapers one by one – because someone has done that for you. All you have to do is get to that person and find out what they discovered through their ‘experiment’.

Lucky for you, there is a place you can get all the help and best consultants you would ever need; MumChecked. We created MumChecked with the pure intention of bringing together a community of to-be and new moms who are keen on sharing their stories as well as listening to others.

We highly encourage all members to share their genuine thoughts – be it good or bad – so that everyone can freely express their thoughts. You may think it’s not much, but someone out there might be extremely grateful to have come across your review which leads to them getting it too! Your shopping can thus benefit others as much as it benefits your family. Hence, when weighing the pros and cons of babies items online shopping, remember to not rule out the pros it’ll do for others!

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