Singapore baby products

Singapore baby products

“Manners maketh a man”, and in this case, your child! Giving your child a good education is not all about reading books. Teaching them to be polite and have a good attitude and show kindness to others around them is just as important. You’ve probably heard the saying that children are like sponges. They are likely to soak up every information and influence around them. Hence, it’s important to teach them good manners from young. Teaching children good manners also helps them develop social skills and get along better with the people around them. So as a parent, where and how do you start teaching your little one good manners? This article will give you an idea of when to start and how to do it!


Start As Soon As Possible

Perhaps the best way to instil good manners and positive behaviours is to do it while your child is still young. You can start by exposing your baby to positive and model behaviours once they reach a few months old. At this point, your baby’s ability to learn is similar to a sponge. They are able to absorb and learn from their environment at a very high rate so it is best to start familiarising themselves in a positive and loving household.

At 18 months old, your little bundle of joy would have developed a sense of empathy. Your child will know that they need to apologise but they have yet to understand the reasoning behind those acts. By the time your child reaches two or three years old, they will be able to understand both the reasoning and concept, but they might find it awkward to do it themselves. Hence, whenever your child commits improper acts such as hitting their playmates or snatching other children’s belongings, promptly remind and discourage them from such behaviours. However, do keep in mind not to be too harsh with your child as it would leave an unfavourable impact on their growth and mental health. 


Normalise Good Manners

Good manners are something that you would want your child to display on a daily basis and not just for a show during relatives meeting or formal events. So how would you be able to encourage your little one to behave well all the time then? Well, good behaviours start right from the comfort of your home so that would be a good start for both you and your little bundle of joy. Some of the good mannerisms you can start ingraining your children with is to normalise saying “please”, “thank you” and “sorry”. While on the dining table, you may also start familiarizing your child with using a spoon and fork set to teach them about good dining etiquette.

By cultivating an environment that emphasizes on good manners at home, your child will be exposed to positive acts and polite behaviour consistently. Hence, such behaviours will become normalised and your child will behave automatically based on the examples shown to them. The benefits of normalising good manners do not end there. In fact, normalising positive manners within your child can be beneficial for their social development. This will prevent your little darling from being shunned by both adults and their peers because of rude behaviour. Besides that, normalising good behaviours is also great for helping your child form new relationships with other kids around them.


You Need To Show Good Example

As mentioned in the previous points, your child is akin to that of an empty canvas. They are able to learn and absorb what they can from their surroundings and that includes learning from you too. Hence, the best way to teach your little darlings good manners is by being an exemplary role model for them. After all, you serve as the main role model for your little darling to learn from. For instance, if your child catches you speaking or uttering vulgar words, the chances are they will pick up on such habits as well. 

Encourage more polite acts and positive behaviours. You can achieve this by interacting with the people around you with more appreciation and empathy. Plus, you might want to be more mindful when talking on the phone or queuing up because your child might be paying attention to your words and action! Plus, you should also be more careful with your words and tone when you are upset, try your best to refrain from raising your tone and use polite language. It may not be an easy feat to achieve but with constant practice, you will be able to do it!


Reward Good BehaviourSingapore baby products

One of the best ways to promote good behaviours is by rewarding them in moderation. This would not only make your child feel proud and loved but also promotes them to behave well more often! For example, you can praise your child whenever they behave well or try to help you out. You will never know how much a simple “thank you” could mean to your little darling. Always keep an eye out for your child’s behaviour and attitude so that they will know that both positive and negative behaviours wouldn’t go unnoticed.

This would not only keep them on alert but also reassures them that they have your attention and they are not being neglected. Praise your child on the spot too if the need for it arises. For instance, when your child returns a stranger’s belongings or wallet. This would not only let them know that such acts are encouraged but also ensure them that they are loved too. 

Occasionally, you can also choose to spoil them with toys or good foods as rewards for good behaviours. However, do try to keep such rewards to a minimum so that your child would not behave well just for the sake of gaining materialistic incentives. Try to inform them about the importance of behaving well and why they should keep it up at all times.


In conclusion, these tips would be valuable in helping you instil good mannerisms in your child and when to start. While good behaviours should always be a priority, you should always let your child know that making mistakes is part of the learning process. That it is okay if they did err as long as they are truthful and determined to learn from it. If you are interested in getting more Singapore baby products and toys to help with your little one’s development, MumChecked is the best online Singapore baby shop for you! We provide a wide variety of mum and baby products for your convenience. So what are you waiting for? Browse our website now!

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