Whew — we’re in for a pretty controversial topic today – but it doesn’t have to be, really! Just think of this as a chill talk you’re having with a friend on the couch in the living room as the tv plays in front of you with nobody really paying attention to it. 

Just a heads up, if you come here looking for an answer to ‘should you bathe your little one in the sink?’, you may or may not leave here with one. There is always a good reason to do something just as there will be a reason to not do it. However, it is still worth exploring the endless ‘whys’ and ‘why-nots’ of bathing your baby in the sink.

So, let’s talk!

Do you bathe your baby in the sink?

First off, we’re sure your little one looks adorbs in that small sink that somehow looks gigantic with them in it! Secondly, if you feel bad about doing it because of what people have said about it — don’t. As long as you keep the place sanitized, any place can qualify to be good and clean enough to bathe your baby.

Should you bathe your baby in the sink?

The simple truth is, there is no one right answer to this.

Of course, there are exceptions to this when the parents may not know better due to the fact that they are simply not an expert in a particular area – as anyone else would be too. All parents who prioritize their little ones will know better than to do things they do not know about. Hence, if you are certain that the place is safe and sanitary for your little ones to be placed in, then, by all means, go ahead. Why not, right?

Especially if bathing your little one in the washroom is starting to take a toll on your back – then you’re perhaps better off washing them in a more ergonomic place like the sink.

“If so, then why are there a lot of objections surrounding it?”

Well, that could be for a few reasons. One is that they simply prefer to bathe babies somewhere they deem as completely clean, such as their own bathtub. The keyword is ‘deem’, so it is not necessarily true that bathtubs are cleaner than sinks. Of course, this differs across different households – which brings us to the next point.

It may be because people simply do not sanitize their sinks enough – not that they have a reason to do it since they will probably never wash their baby in there. Hence, for some people, they may think of their sink as a contaminated place to wash a baby in.

Lastly — it’s just personal preference. Perhaps some people simply don’t like the idea of baby’s butt and vegetables to be in the same space and touching the same surfaces, even at different times. So there you have it! They have their reasons, just like how people who wash their baby in sinks also do.

That said, we’re sure all parents will do only what’s best for their child. Therefore, if you have been bathing your little one in your sink all this while and know what you do, there may be nothing to worry about so you just have to endure all these talks. Keep doing you, mummy and daddy!

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