Many new parents may still struggle with bathing their baby in the first few months. This is pretty normal, and having some helpful guidance will be a big encouragement. In addition to ensuring that you baby gets cleaned, bath time can be a really fun and a chance to bond with each other.

The key is not to see it as a chore, and to take the proper steps to keep your baby safe. Parents should pay attention to these common mistakes done during a baby’s bath time, in order to avoid them:

1. Filling the tub too much

There is no need to fill the tub to its full capacity or to overflowing. Experts suggest that you should only fill up the tub up to your baby’s knees. For newborns, this is only about 3-4 inches of water.

If you need to wash their face and hair, you’ll have to scoop and drizzle the water over their head. Even better, you can invest in a baby bath tub seat, which raises your child’s head safely above the water.


2. Neglecting to test the water temperature

Babies can be very sensitive to sudden changes in temperature, so you have to always ensure that your bath water is lukewarm. Test it with your hands or elbows before bath time starts. You can adjust it with water from your shower to be sure that it’s not too cold or hot, and kept at room temperature.


3. Leaving your child alone in the tub

Any amount of water is dangerous for your baby, even if it’s one or two inches. That’s why you should never leave your baby alone without your eyes on them all the time.

Babies and toddlers may slip and things can go south very fast. So even if you’re slipping out to take something you forgot or answer the phone, always take your child with you wrapped in a towel.


4. Bathing them in an adult tub

Adult tubs are not designed for babies as there are just too many dangerous bits that even some adults struggle with. Babies should be bathed on their own and not together with you as you take a bath. This is crucial as they need a baby sized tub of their own with its own safety features.

5. Neglecting to clean important parts

Many parents focus on cleaning the upper parts of their baby’s bodies but neglect the lower half. You baby’s bum area is really important to rinse and clean properly as this area is exposed to their diapers for long periods. Cleaning these areas thoroughly will help avoid diaper rash and other skin infections.


6. Not drying your baby properly

Babies should be towel dried immediately after a bath, including their hair. They may feel cold and uncomfortable if any part of their body isn’t dried properly. Drying them also removes soap residues on their skin, which may otherwise cause irritation. Damp skin folds can also encourage fungal or bacteria growth, so towel drying is double important.

Investing in the correct baby bath tub in Singapore can help keep your baby safe during bath sessions. The right bath tools can reduce any stress you may have about bathing your baby by reducing the chances of slipping or losing your hold.

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