Singapore baby shop

Singapore baby shop

Welcoming a new baby in the house is always a joyful and exciting occasion for any family. However, the experience will be completely different when you have a toddler toggling along! Taking care of a newborn and a toddler at the same time can be tiring and overwhelming for the parents. For one thing, your toddler may feel left out or jealous as they are no longer the only child who is getting your attention in the house. While every family is facing different situations, here are some basic tips that may help you navigate through this stage of parenthood.


Get Your Toddler an Early Education

Some parents might wonder, “when is the best time to enrol my child in preschool?”. The answer? As soon as your next baby arrived at your doorsteps! Getting your toddler an early education is not only beneficial for their growth and brain development but it also lets you and your partner focus on your baby better! Plus, your toddler will also feel special since they are doing “big kids things” by going to school. 


When your toddler gets back from school, ask them about their day, praise them for their hard work and for doing their homework. This would not only make them feel loved but also keeps them motivated! But that is not all, by being able to give your baby the required attention and keeping your toddler motivated, you will be able to establish a healthy relationship between you and both of your children. Sounds like a win-win situation for everyone!


Have a Designated Space for Your Toddler

While both your toddler and baby are technically children, it is very important to note that both of them exist as separate entities. This means that each one of your children requires their own space to play, learn or rest. By setting up their own personal space, your child will not feel neglected and will appreciate you more since they are given equal rights and freedom by their own parents. Keep in mind that children generally love having things of their own and they are not too fond of sharing. Therefore, having a designated space for your children might work in your favour! 

Try to have a few age-specific items for your toddler’s designated space. Perhaps children-sized shelves, art supplies could keep your child entertained and occupied in their space. Additionally, you can also have play stools for toddlers or toddler-sized tables so that they will be able to do their homework! These items will come in handy for your toddler to explore the fun of learning!

As for your baby, you can opt for rattle toys, toy blocks or musical toys for your baby! These items are not only great for keeping your child entertained but also beneficial for training their hand-eye coordination and cognitive development!


Get Help From Your Close Family

Sometimes, having both your toddler and your child in one house can be very demanding. It’s like a storm waiting to happen and it can get very hectic trying to keep up with both of them and attend to their needs. A relatively easy way to deal with these circumstances is to ask for help from your close family. Yes, you heard that right. It’s okay not to shy away from asking for help because sometimes, it’s all you need. An extra pair of helping hands is always welcomed.

Your close family members may help with the house chores or watch over the kids as you catch up on your much-needed rest. They can help out with the house cleaning, laundry or even help you prepare meals! This is not only good for your mental health but you will also be able to bond with your close family better, leading to an improved and closer relationship with them. If you are looking for a practical and trusted stroller to use when you travel in between your home and your family members’ home, Aprica stroller luxuna might come in handy!


Coordinate Their Sleeping Schedule

Singapore baby shop

Mission impossible? Maybe. Trying to get both your toddler and baby to fall asleep is similar to finding a needle in the haystack. It is a process that requires much patience and practice. The good news is your toddler’s sleeping pattern is pretty much established at this point so your real concern lies in trying to get your newborn to sleep. If your baby is finding it hard to sleep at night, you might want to try breastfeeding them one or two hours before their bedtime, this will keep your baby full and prevent them from waking up late at night. If possible, you can also try putting your baby and your toddler to sleep in different rooms, so that your toddler won’t get interrupted by your newborn’s night feedings.

You can also try bathing your baby around 15 mins or 30 mins before their bedtime. A gentle massage session would also be beneficial in promoting sleep as it encourages fatigue to seep in and causes your baby to fall asleep faster. Dressing your baby properly before bedtime would also help you in coordinating their sleeping schedule efficiently because the right garments will keep your baby comfortable and snuggled during their sleep!

In conclusion, managing both your toddler and newborn in a household might seem like a daunting task at first. In fact, you might not even succeed on your first try. But that is what makes parenthood beautiful because once you get it right, you can’t help but feel proud and satisfied with your efforts!

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