baby potty singapore

baby potty singapore

You may have noticed your little one changing fewer diapers recently and wondering is it the right time to wean off diapers. Potty training is an important skill that further develops your little one’s independence and confidence. Also, it trains your children how to recognize their body sensation before they need to go to the toilet. Usually, kids can start potty training within 2 ½  to 3 ½ years old. However, all kids are different. You might not want to push your toddler before he is ready for it.

Potty training is a process, and your child will have accidents sometimes. Mistakes are part of learning. The key to success is to be patient with your kid and give them reminders. Different ways work for different kids. Try out these methods that generally work for kids. 


Prepare For Potty Training

Your toddler has shown signs that he is ready for potty training. The tips here can help to make a smooth transition to active his potty train: 

Establish Standard Bathroom Lingo

Some experts recommend parents use formal words rather than slang, so kids won’t be embarrassed by the babyish word. However, as long as your toddler is comfortable and able to understand, feel free to use any family’s word for bathroom function or body parts. Through the conversation, your toddler will recognize these words and apply in daily life. 


Dress for potty training baby potty singapore

Get in the habit of dress your little one with potty training clothes, wear pants that can pull up and down. This also helps in training them to pull down their pants on their own before and after diaper change. 

You may also consider to switch his diaper to pull-ups. Pull-ups can be a great choice for the potty train stage toddler, without worrying that he will rip off his diaper on his own and be bothered by the wetness. You might find this hanging diaper organizer with large capacity useful to store your little ones diaper. 

On a side note, diaper change is required with every soiled diaper, to prevent skin irritation and feel uncomfortable. If you need to change his diaper outdoors, use an antibacterial wipes singapore to give your toddler a good clean. 


Pick the suitable potty

There are two types of baby potty, stand-alone potty or a seat reducer. Find a good quality, durable and stable baby potty singapore for your toddler. A shaky potty might cause unnecessary accidents, your toddler bottoms must fit comfortably on the seat. Get what is the best for your little one. Consider extra fun features with themes, or sounds might increase your child’s interest and your toddler will feel it’s her own. If you choose a stand-alone potty, check the ease of cleaning steps too! There are some with simple one to two steps processes. 


That said, boys and girls may be ready to be potty trained at different times. Here are some tips on how to train your son or daughter: 

How To: Potty Training for Boys

Teach Him How to Undress Himself

Make sure your boy wears easy pull off pants with an elastic waist. He has to learn to pull up and down his pants when he needs to go potty. 

Start With Sitting First

Get your boy to sit on the potty for both peeing and pooping at first. This is because he might not know how to recognise the sensation of both peeing and pooping yet. Plus, one bathroom visit might produce both. Therefore, it is best to teach him to get on the potty by sitting first. If he learns both at first, it might be quite tough for him just to get on the potty in time without having to decide whether to stand or sit. 

Point at the Right Direction 

Despite him standing or sitting, teach him how to aim in the right direction, ensure the pee goes down where it needs to go. If he is practising to pee by standing, you can do target training by floating bits of toilet paper to challenge him, not only for his eyes and also for how to control his own body. And, don’t forget to flush! 


How To: Potty Training for Girlsbaby potty singapore

Teach Her to Sit and Wipe 

Girls are only in a seated-potty style, so it’s little easier than a boy. However, there are some tips that you might want to take note. You need to teach your girl to wipe from the front to the back after pee. This is to avoid spreading bacteria and getting infection. If this is too tough for her to learn the wiping direction for now, you may have her to pat the area dry after pee. 

Hike the Skirt Up 

Girls need to learn how to wear and pull down pants and panties like boys, she would also need to learn how to hike the skirt or dress up when going to the potty. If this is too complicated for her and she seems resistant, you may get her to remove the clothes at the beginning stage, and learn to sit on the potty first. 

Place a Stool under Her Feet

Your girl might not be tall enough, especially if she is using a seat reducer on the toilet bowl. Place a stool for her to reach on the potty would be good and for safety purposes.


Potty training might be frustrating to parents and the kid. Believe in the process, and give your kid patience, understanding and encouragement during the potty training period. Keep it positive. If the potty train was unsuccessful, try, and try again. If your child is struggling with going to potty, which might lead to constipation, rest a day or two and slow down the training process. Your little one will get the hang of it and outgrow diapers soon. Good luck!

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