Hair Care Tips To Prevent Dry Scalp & Cradle Cap

It is a universally known fact that if you have healthy and beautiful hair, you automatically feel good about yourself. However, a bad hair day can completely ruin the way you feel about yourself. Same is the case for infants as they need proper baby skincare routine. They will feel more comfortable and happy if they do not have scalp conditions that bother them all day long. 

If you have found yourself reading this blog, then that means your baby is probably suffering from hair problems and you want to fix them by baby skincare. After all, it is very important to be vigilant about your baby’s skincare. If you agree, then this blog is perfect for you because it gives tips to help you get rid of baby skincare issues that arise sometimes.

How to Treat Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is a hair condition that is caused by harsh hair-care products or by sudden changes in weather such as extreme cold etc. Dry scalp causes extreme irritation and itchiness in the scalp and can lead to hair loss and dandruff in many cases. Dry scalp may occur due to medical conditions of the skin such as eczema or at times it can occur due to something as simple as residual shampoo. Here are some tips to get rid of dry scalp in your baby skin care and the constant itchiness that accompanies it.

Wash Scalp Regularly

Use a dandruff-free gentle shampoo and wash your baby’s hair 2-3 times a week with it. Make sure to get rid of all residual shampoo by rinsing thoroughly because at times the shampoo causes dry scalp issues in infants.

Brush Daily

A very important step in your baby’s skincare should be to brush your baby’s hair with a soft brush so that it does not irritate their scalp. This will help in getting rid of your baby’s dry scalp.

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How to Treat Cradle Cap

One of the important things in baby skincare is also taking care of your baby’s scalp. Cradle cap is a non-inflammatory condition of the scalp in which scale-like patches similar to dandruff appear on infants’ scalps. These patches can be white or yellow and at times are hard to remove. Cradle cap is also known as infantile seborrheic dermatitis and usually gets better on its own. However there are a few tips you can try to get rid of it for your baby skin care.

Wash Daily

Wash your baby’s scalp daily. This will help in getting rid of the cradle cap. Also do not forget to rinse the scalp thoroughly without any oil or shampoo at the end. If you do use a shampoo, make sure it is a gentle one. If the problem persists, then contact a doctor to get a prescription shampoo for your infant.

Do Not Use Oils

Do not use any oils for cradle cap in infants. Many times the scales will go away on their own. Use a gentle brush to clear away the scales.

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