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How do you choose the right toys for your toddlers? With plenty of options available on the market, it is relatively safe to say that your newborn is spoilt for choice. With that in mind, what makes a toy an excellent toy for your little one? Its durability? Its children-friendly features? Its colour? Its design? How would you know whether certain toys would be suitable for your child?

It’s okay to feel overwhelmed and confused with the wide-ranging options you have in front of you. If anything, this is a sweet dilemma to have! We understand how difficult it can be to pick the right toy for your little darling. So we have come up with our list of the best toys for your toddlers!


Rainbow Stacking Toybaby toys 1 year old

What better way to train your child’s hand-eye coordination than doing it through a vibrantly coloured stacking toy? This toy entertains your child by allowing them to rattle the vibrantly coloured rings and the beads inside the top ring. With its curved shaped bottom, your baby is going to have such wibbly-wobbly fun during their playtime!

This children-friendly toy is a great way to introduce your little bundle of joy to shapes and colours. But that is not all, this toy is beneficial for training your newborn grasping-reflex and fingers movement. This will make it easier for your baby to hold things when they grow older. Speaking of holding, this toy is practically shaped and designed for easy handling. Thus, this toy is palm-sized so that it would be easier for your baby to grab and play with. You might want to make this item an essential in your household soon!


Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Baby Activity and Teething Toybaby toys 1 year old

Your baby might feel lonely or upset when they are alone, but not anymore with this toy! It helps keep your baby accompanied and comfortable. Having a great value price, this  bandana teething toy features a textured surface to soothe your toddler’s teething gums. This would also promote a safer and more enjoyable playtime for your little bundle of joy. But that is not all, the soft texture on this toy is also a convenient way to encourage your child’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

In addition, your baby will be able to improve on their sensory development through this toy’s textures, patterns and sounds too! The little rattles and crinkles will keep your child’s attention occupied and entertained. Since this toy is designed to enhance multi-sensory play, this toy would be perfect for home or on-the-go purpose! But that is not all, this PVC toy also features a  bandana that can also be taken off and tied around your wrists for your convenience!


Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toybaby toys 1 year old

If you have yet to decide on which baby toys 1 year old child would love, and at the same time trying to establish good manners for them, then, we would recommend this toy for your delight! This Oribel VertiPlay Wall Toy is a fun way to educate your child about how to knock the door! Plus, this wall toy makes for a nice calling bell and can be used as a percussion instrument too, what a bargain!

But that is not all, this children-friendly wall toy is suitable for a growing toddler and serves as a good introduction to music for your child. It is safe to use, it enhances your beloved baby motor skills and helps them develop musical awareness at a young age. Since this toy is easy to use, your child will be more encouraged to use and express their creativity better. Who knows? You might have a budding Mozart in the house!


Skip Hop Zoo Unicorn Phonebaby toys 1 year old

Last but not least, our last entry on this list is the Skip Hop Zoo Unicorn Phone! This interactive toy is suitable for children of all ages and grants your baby a fun company. This baby cell phone comes with six sounds and melodies to keep your child pleased. Some of the sounds and melodies included are chirping, dialling and other jovial ringtones. Furthermore, this toy phone is made of phthalate-free materials for a safer playing experience!

With only three AAA batteries, you will be able to help your little bundle of joy develop their fine motor skills effectively! Since this toy is practically sized for storing convenience, you would not have any problems to store them easily! In-fact, this children-friendly toy is easy to handle and suitable for children ranging from six months and above. A fun and interactive toy phone would make for one of the best gift ideas for your child.


In conclusion, these toys are not only safe for your little darling but they are also great for their growth and brain development. Now that we have provided the tools, it is time for you to put them to good use. Happy hunting parents!

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