Trying to make your baby sleep is probably one of the biggest frustrations as a new parent. Here are some solutions that might be able to help you. There’s no magic, but these good products may make a difference to make your little ones sleep better and longer. 

Love To Dream Swaddle Up Transition Bag Hip Harness Swaddle MED

This is a swaddle that comes with a wider bottom and zip-off arm, which provides the easiest and gentle way to help your little ones graduate from swaddling. The unique patented wing provides better sleep quality for your baby. It is made of 93% cotton and the single layer cotton fabric can reduce overheating. Easy to use and care, as the zipper allows you to change diapers easily. 

SWADDLE UP™️ is washable with a gentle machine and tumble-dryer-friendly. For best fit result, remember to refer to the size according to your baby’s weight instead of their age and height. It provides a secure feeling and helps your baby sleep better. 


Ingenuity FoldAway Rocking Bassinet

If you are a parent who loves to travel, you would definitely love this product. A safe space for your baby to sleep is a must-have. This portable and one-step fold feature bassinet provides you the convenience of easy storage and set-up. Both ends of the bassinet are made of breathable mesh panels to keep your baby comfortable while sleeping. 

Also, parents can keep sight of your baby by placing it besides you while sleeping, so you can rest better too! You can bring it whenever you go, but still maintain your baby sleeping quality. 


Twinkle Baby Multi-Purpose Baby Balm 

This multi-purpose baby balm is made of organic shea butter, contains high concentration of vitamins that can strengthen and nourish your baby’s skin. It can also relieve your baby’s diaper rash and bruises, promotes scar healing and is suitable for sensitive skin. 

The lavender essential oil inside speeds up wound healing and soothes sensitive skin. Most importantly, it encourages your little ones with more restful sleep and muscle relaxation. With one small bottle of baby balm, provides multiple ways of usage.


Sophie La Girafe Hand Rattle

You might be wondering, does a toy serve as a baby sleep aid? Well, there’s no perfect product that suits all babies. Your baby might have different preferences towards their sleep essentials and “comfort object”  with other babies. 

This is an eco-friendly toy and can be easily gripped and held by your baby’s little hand. The cute little Sophie la giraffe inside the transparent part helps to comfort and soothe the baby. Colourful beads inside create crinkling sounds when your baby shakes it. This baby toy online in Singapore is entertaining and can be placed in the baby crib as a “comfort object” to accompany them to sleep better. 

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