Time flies. You have graduated to being a mum and now is the time you continuously learn how to be a mum, together with your growing baby. 
Your crying baby will be growing up so fast that you will miss him crying for “mama” whenever you are not around. 
Babies will develop their emotion, communication, cognition as well as movement in the blink of an eye. 
Understand what and how fast your baby will be developing so you can have a picture of what to expect!

Month 1

In your baby’s first month, you are probably still in your recuperation period and your baby has already started growing up quietly. Most of the time, you will still see him sleeping and feeding but in the meantime, he already starts to recognise sound and can focus on things that are close by. His vision is not fully developed at this stage so it is good to bring them to touch the toys and other sensory items. And it is important to give your baby tummy time 2-3 times a day so they can develop strength and avoid falling behind the later development milestone.

Month 2

In the second month, your baby already can see things up to 18 inches away and will follow your movement. They start examining heads and here start sucking their hands and feet. He can lift his head up for a short period of time during the tummy time. And don’t stop communicating with your little one as he can recognize your voice and his eye can track and follow the interesting object near his face.

Month 3

In the 3rd month, your baby probably can recognize your face! At this stage, you can see his control over his head. The strength he developed can make him kick, bring hands together and roll from back to his tummy. You can use attractive toys to encourage baby movement and exploring things around them. You can notice the baby start to laugh, babble to herself and use hand gestures to communicate with you!

Month 4

Wondering what would be achieved in your baby’s 4 month milestones? He is getting stronger and can reach the thing they want and start grasping things to bring to the mouth! This is where the teething stage starts and biting down things makes them feel good. Another important skill they are developing is the rolling movement which is the precursor of crawling and sitting up. They are able to have their own entertainment time as his vision is improved and loves watching his reflection in the mirror!

Month 5

Your baby might interact more with you at this stage and you need to pay attention to your baby’s safety at the 5 month milestones. As he might reach the objects on their own, now you need to be aware of the surroundings and only keep safety toys around him. And the exciting thing is, your little one can recognize some basic words, and ofcourse, his name! They can make connections to those vocab when you frequently use it for chatting. 

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