If you have never bathed a newborn before, you might be wondering how to get started. Even the most well-prepared new parents might get nervous when it comes to bathing their newborn. Keep reading to find out the step-by-step instruction on bathing a newborn baby. 


1. Gather all the bathing supplies you need 

You are advised to prepare everything on hand before starting the bath and ensure they are easily available while bathing your baby. Here’s a checklist of things you would need for it: 

  • Baby bath tub
  • Wash Cloth
  • Clean Soft Towel
  • Rinsing Cup 
  • Mild Baby Liquid Soap
  • A new diaper
  • A pair of clothes

You may also prepare a bath toy that is suitable for your baby as well! 


2. Fill up the baby tub with warm water

Your baby’s bath water temperature should be around 35 to 38 degrees, approximately similar with body temperature. Two to three inches of water is enough to bathe a newborn. Remember to test the temperature of water before you bath your little one. Also, you may swirl the water using your hand to ensure there is no hot spot in the bathtub. 

Once the bath water is prepared, you are ready to get started!


3. Hold your baby gently 

Now, you may place your little one in the bathtub. Support his or her neck and head with your arm. Remember let your baby toes in first.

Parents who worry that it’s too slippery in the bathtub, you may consider to place your baby on a non-slip surface bath seat in the bathtub. This is also a unique newborn baby gift ideas for new parents to protect their newborns. The bath seat is well-designed for babies to protect and support baby safety. Suitable for babies from 0-6months.


4. Clean your baby face

Babies’ skin is extremely soft and delicate. Wet the soft wash cloth that you had prepared earlier, gently cleanse his or her face. Always start to clean your baby face first before the bath water gets too soapy. This is to avoid the soapy water getting into the baby’s eyes and nose. Wipe around your little one’s eye corner and outer part of ear. Don’t forget their neck and back ears! 


5. Apply some soap

Apply a little mild baby liquid soap on the wet cloth and clean your baby’s hair and body. Then, use a small cup to rinse off the soapy area. Don’t be afraid to gently clean the soft spots too. Wash your baby’s diaper area and genitals, but this should be the last step before you dry your baby, so that other parts of your baby body won’t get dirty by the bacteria and germs that just washed off from your baby.

Talk to your baby while bathing makes them feel secure. They should feel soothing and comfortable. Also, be mindful that never leave your baby away from your eyesight, even for a short time. Handle and monitor your newborn with care. 


6. Getting out of the bath

You are almost done! Support their head and lift your baby out of the bathtub. Use a clean towel to dry your baby quickly by following the sequence of bathing. After that, quickly wrap her up. Your baby might get a little cold after coming out of the bath. Pay attention to those adorable folds and rolls, ensure that every part is dry. 


7. Dress-up

Finally, apply some moisturizing baby lotion on your baby skin to keep it smooth and tender. Put a fresh diaper on and dress your baby with comfortable clothes. Your baby is clean and you are a baby-bathing pro now. You have done a good job mommy!

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