After many long, rigorous, and challenging months, your baby is now so close to coming home! There is nothing more enjoyable to a parent than the sweet smile of their newborn and you would not have traded it for the world. Now that your home is about to welcome a new family member, it is only wise to make a few adjustments in order to cater to your baby’s needs. With that said, what are the things you should have at home before your baby’s arrival? Well, wonder no more. We have come up with a list that might give you an idea!


Install Baby Gates

Sometimes, there are parts of your house that you might want to keep “off-limits” to your child. Parts of your house such as the garage, workshop, kitchen and stairs are quite risky as they pose considerable harm to your little bundle of joy. So how do you resolve this, you might ask.

A simple yet effective way to deal with this is to simply install baby gates. Baby gates are essential in order to keep your little darlings out of these potentially harmful areas. They are crafty, easy to install and some of them are made of high-quality materials for prolonged and more durable use. If you are interested in getting more baby care products for your little one, MumChecked offers products on baby care Singapore mommies would suggest!


Keep Toxic Substances Away From Your Kids

Some things are meant to be kept away from your child for their safety, be it knives, screwdrivers or even nails and hammers. The same rule applies to the chemical substances in your house as well. Some of these chemicals contain toxic substances that would be harmful to your child when it comes into contact with their skins or consumed directly. For example, detergent, bleach, soap, toilet cleaners and etc. Be sure to always keep them out of your child’s reach!


Sanitize Your House Thoroughly

Keeping your home sanitized and clean is essential so that it would safeguard the wellbeing for both you and the baby. Now the need to keep your home properly cleaned and sanitised has never been more important. Your babies carry a higher risk of being infected due to their delicate airways that are not fully developed yet and an immature immune system.

Therefore, your baby will need all the protection and help from you. Keeping your house thoroughly cleaned and fully sanitised would be a good start. Plus, it is also easier to keep your house sanitised thanks to the internet, a plethora of sanitising and baby care products available on the market these days. If you are interested in more moms and babies related products, perhaps you can try an online baby store Singapore mommies would recommend!


Keep Spare Clothes or Rags for Your Toddlers

Children are bound to get messy and dirty here and there. It is in their nature to not hold back during playtime while they explore and experience the world around them. Therefore, it is important to keep spare clothes or rags for your toddlers, just in case.

Plus, giving them a clean change of clothes after every playtime or daily routine is important to maintain good personal hygiene. It doesn’t have to be new clothes, you can always opt for your old clothes if you intend to turn them into rags for daily use or to keep your child’s feet dry. You can also pass your old clothes down to them or retailor them into new clothes for your little bundles of joy! Either way, they make for a smart and economical choice.


Make Sure that Your Fridge is Fully Stocked

Last but not least, it is important to keep your fridge fully stocked with your daily groceries, food supplies, and beverages right before your baby’s arrival. This is very convenient because keeping your fridge fully stocked would save you the hassle of going out or grocery shopping more frequently. Also, you are more likely to get occupied with taking care of your baby so you might as well shop for groceries whenever you can.  Plus, it would help you to save on the petrol or transportation fee, be more environmentally friendly, and give you more time to bond with your baby as well!


All in all, while it is exciting to bring your cute little bundle of joy home, there are a couple of things that you must take into consideration in order to let your baby grow up in a safe and healthy environment. We hope that this list has helped you on certain matters but the rest still lies in your hand. After all, what your baby needs most to grow well and healthy is your love and attention


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